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Drea + her Dog World = Adventure Perfect for TV……

A former fashion model and psychology major at Mount Vernon College in Washington D.C., Andrea Smith found herself moved from volunteering and helping the K-9 SAR teams during the World Trade Center tragedy, to working as a Canine Specialist recognized by the ASPCA of New York for her fearless and dedicated actions dealing with dogs in stressful situations.  A Dog Spa in New York commissioned Andrea to bring her input and ideas to design a dog daycare system, praised in Time Magazine in 2001.  Andrea is well known for her work in canine rescue and rehabilitation [and Whispering packs of over 200 dogs] She’s taking her extraordinary mission of saving animals’ lives to the world via cable television, bringing viewers raw, unique no holds barred and sometiimes risky adventures into Drea’s Dog World.

Andrea with her sexy Wranglers…



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“I’ve used lessons that I’ve learned in modeling, to create integrity and commitment to my craft.”


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Yesterday, C. Zawadi Morris, editor of Bed-Stuy Patch, interviewed me about my rescue and rehab work.


The Critter Crusade

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Watch Critter Crusades interview with Andrea Smith below.

Former fashion model discusses how she helped animals during the World Trade Center bombing for HSUS and learned behavior techniques to relieve animal’s stress levels. Her career developed through natural training and instinctive experiences with dogs which has created her unique style of dog training.

And the Winner Is!

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Well hello there!

Its been a long time since a post however the good news I have been working very hard training: learning,teaching and loving every dog &  dog parents I meet. On my downtime I searched youtube and found this video of me winning a dog look alike contest.

DISCLAIMER: This was the first time I ever won a contest. I mean EVER!

Until next time! Enjoy the summer!

Short videos of training sessions at Biscuits and Bath when I was the Behavior Counselor, NYC. Here I am with some of the very sweet and lovable dogs!

Drea Dog World Tip: In our busy urban lives please find the time to engage your pet with training and exercise! Its fun and necessary for you and your pet!


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